What is Viagra sildenafil citrate?

Small diamond-shaped tablets with the inscription “VGR 50”, “VGR 25”, “VGR 100” indicate the presence of sildenafil citrate; the numbers on the tablets are the content of active ingredient in milligrams.

Viagra sildenafil citrate enters the body by ingestion. You should take a pill and wash it down with a small amount of water for one hour before sexual intercourse.

The usual dose of cheap Viagra should not be higher than fifty milligrams, but, taking into account individual tolerance, it can reach one hundred mg or reduced to twenty-five milligrams.

Recently, the drug has been released in the form of a spray, which is sprayed into the nasal passages.

There is also Viagra for the forgetful drug containing sildenafil citrate that has to be breathed through an inhaler.

There will be chewing gum with sildenafil citrate in the near future. So, you will be able to improve the potency, by chewing gum for thirty minutes before sex.

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Mechanism of action

This mechanism is very simple: usual nitric oxide increases blood flow in the penis. Therefore it leads to almost natural erection. When the intercourse is over, the erection stops in a natural way. Cheap Viagra can give only temporary effect; it can not afford to cure impotence once and for all.
If there is no desire – there will be no erection

The erection appears not itself, but only during sexual arousal. Viagra can not affect the libido: when there is no desire, the pill will not help. The pill is not able to save, when the physiology of the penis is seriously disrupted.

When should you take a pill?

Viagra is a drug to eliminate erectile dysfunction problems. So before taking the drug, you should diagnose these disorders, as minimum. Experts have to fix erectile dysfunction – pathological condition in which there is reduced quality of erection of men, it becomes impossible to conduct sexual intercourse.

Drug contraindications

Before order Viagra without prescription, you should consult your doctor and carefully read the annotation in the pharmacy. You can’t take generic Viagra:

  • if you are taking medications for treatment of angina, Viagra enhances their hypotensive effects, they can dramatically drop blood pressure;
  • if you have increased sensitivity to the drug components, there is an allergy in the form of itching, skin rashes, shortness of breath, edema;
  • if you have too high or too low blood pressure

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Viagra is a revolution in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Probably, there are no people who have not heard about Viagra In 1998, the little blue pill surged to the light from the depths of the scientific laboratories of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and quickly conquered the whole world.

This drug has become a real revolution in the process of healing of impotence. American scientists L. Ignarro, R. Furchgott, F. Murad, who were involved in the development of Viagra, have received the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.

But Viagra is not a magic pill, it is a drug which has its contraindications and indications. Before using Viagra, you should be free from the captivity of myths, which has been acquired by this medicine.